Wegmans: The Hot Commodity

The bigger the better, right?  In this case, yes! Double the size of most supermarkets, the up-and-coming Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business known for their enormous stores and commitment to providing healthy, wholesome options in every aisle.  Unlike the average trip to the grocery store, a trip to Wegmans is a vacation.  Originating in 1916 in Rochester, NY, the company has today been expanded to 99 locations across the United States and offers up to 70, 000 products, more than 4,000 of which are organic.  With the support of local farms and their own organic farm in upstate New York, their products are extremely fresh and of outstanding quality.  The typical Wegmans store refreshes their produce section approximately 100 times a year while other supermarkets do it 18-20 times a year. In 2014, Wegmans built their own cheese cavern where they currently replicate European aging techniques.  The cheese cavern is comprised of seven climate-controlled rooms where soft and washed-rind cheeses are ripened separately to ensure distinct flavorings (Now that sounds GOUDA to me 😂!).  There is even an entire room dedicated specifically to brie.

Cotton candy grapes?! (New article to come!)

Alongside their particularly fresh products, are their exceptionally prepared foods.  Using the freshest ingredients possible, in-store chefs prepare delicious meals of great quality and price.  These meals can be purchased for later, or eaten inside as some stores have restaurant setups.  Behind the counter, chefs will even cut your fruits and vegetables for you if you ask, regardless of their giant selection of pre-cut produce.

In addition to their vast food selection, Wegmans has an enormous alcoholic beverage selection.  In correspondence with their support of local farms, a wide variety of unique and local products can be found in their liquor stores.  In fact, Derek and I discovered our favorite go-to drinks there!  Low in calories and carbs, gluten free, and made from real fruits, we found a product that was made from a local brewery only miles down the road.  We highly recommend thoroughly exploring the drink section and seeing what new and classic choices you find (can’t go wrong with some good ole Captain Morgan!)

Our go-to drink.

And, the cherry on top… their prices are actually cheaper than most grocery stores! According to an independent analysis of prices by the Washington Post, it was revealed that the prices at Wegmans were 13 percent lower than most chains. This is made possible as a result of their high turnover rate, their reliability on private entities, and their independent nature when it comes to distribution.  Now, if those reasons aren’t good enough as to why you should check out this store…they also make cute cookies 😉

Pigs & dessert, two of my favorite things!

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