As gastrointestinal disorders and restricted diets can be exceptionally challenging, our goal is to provide inspiration and ideas to those facing such adversities. Living with this firsthand, we have developed some healthy and wholesome options that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

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  • Fun with Food

    August 3, 2019 by

    Repeated meal prepping, cooking, and healthy eating can quickly become predictable and mundane.   With a lack of variety and excitement in the kitchen, it can be hard to follow through with special diets and good eating habits.  Take the time to spice up the appearance of your food, rather than just its taste.  Allow your creative juices to flow and have fun transforming your foods… Read more Continue reading Fun with Food

  • Nourished Food Festival

    July 29, 2019 by

    Last weekend, Derek and I were lucky enough to attend the Nourished Food Festival in our area.  The Nourished Festival takes place in ten different cities around the U.S. and is the largest gluten free, allergy, and special diet consumer event.  The expos cater to those with food allergies, sensitivities, and auto-immune/inflammatory diseases and allow communities to sample and purchase new products, meet brand ambassadors,… Read more Continue reading Nourished Food Festival

  • Wegmans: The Hot Commodity

    September 5, 2019 by

    The bigger the better, right?  In this case, yes! Double the size of most supermarkets, the up-and-coming Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business known for their enormous stores and commitment to providing healthy, wholesome options in every aisle.  Unlike the average trip to the grocery store, a trip to Wegmans is a vacation.  Originating in 1916 in Rochester, NY, the company… Read more Continue reading Wegmans: The Hot Commodity

  • Steak & Cheese Sub

    September 4, 2019 by

    Ingredients♥ Organic cheese♥ Shaved steak♥ Udi’s Gluten Free Class Hot Dog Buns♥ McCormick Perfect Pinch Steak Seasoning♥ Butter Directions ➊ In large skillet, on medium-high heat, cook shaved steak in a buttered/oiled pan. ➋ Add McCormick Perfect Pinch Steak Seasoning to the steak and stir thoroughly. ➌ When steak is near done, add cheese and let it melt. ➍ Serve in a bun/sub roll. Continue reading Steak & Cheese Sub

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