Homegrown Goods

Whether you grow your own, or buy from local farms, it is undeniable that fresh produce is exceptionally rich in flavor, nutrients, and quality.  Planting crops each year is a tradition at our house.  By growing our own food, we save money, improve our health, and even get a little exercise and Vitamin D when we plant, maintain, and harvest our goods!  Cultivating one’s own garden can alleviate stress and offer meditative benefits too! 

Home garden!

For products that are too difficult to grow ourselves, a farm down the street is our go-to!  Thankfully, we live where an abundance of locally grown produce is readily available.  We are thus able to cut down the travel time from farm to table and better support the environment and economy, as well as our health.

Local farm stand

Dietary fibers found in plant-based products are essential for health, digestion, and proper bodily functions. However, for people with digestive issues, tolerances for fruits and vegetables vary, and consumption during flares can cause extreme cramping, bloating, and diarrhea.  By selecting products that are unprocessed, unrefined, and untreated with pesticides or hormones, the GI tract is less likely to become irritated and inflamed. Removing the skin and seeds, as well as cooking and steaming fruits/vegetables, can additionally decrease irritation and allow for easier digestion.  Consuming naturally grown crops additionally allows for higher vitamin intake and the reduction of harmful chemicals.

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