Fun with Food

Repeated meal prepping, cooking, and healthy eating can quickly become predictable and mundane.   With a lack of variety and excitement in the kitchen, it can be hard to follow through with special diets and good eating habits.  Take the time to spice up the appearance of your food, rather than just its taste.  Allow your creative juices to flow and have fun transforming your foods into original designs and cute creatures.  The act of creating can improve your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety levels. 

In terms of social events, this can be extremely useful.  Although the party invites may read “and guest,” there is no doubt that you would prefer not to take your GI symptoms with you.  Prepare ahead of time and dress up an item that you know you can eat and bring it with you.  The more creative the plate looks; the more interested people will be in trying it.  There is no need to feel like an outsider who brought an atypical “dairy free”, “gluten free”, or “nut free”, concoction. Instead, feel like a confident and proud creator of the coolest, cutest, and most amusing dish of the party! 😎

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